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Power Flushing in Wimbledon

Leaving the heating system impeccable is an obligation for any cleaning service that stands out for its excellence. That is why the pressure washers are the perfect allies for residential homeowners and industries.

How power flushing works

A pressure washer works with great simplicity. Its main element is the engine (electric or with fuel), which drives a pump that pressurises the water, making it emerge from the hose through a nozzle, with a much higher power than it had when entering the machine, hence, producing a powerful jet that lets off all the dirt in the components being cleaned. There are models that allow adding detergent or other cleaners, such as sand, which increase their efficiency.


More effective cleaning: These machines are capable of spraying water at high pressure, with 10 to 50 times more power than a garden hose, which allows them to clean a large number of elements.

Water economy: Pressure washing services offered by Richardson Plumbing and Heating in and around Wimbledon have the advantage of saving up to 80% less water.

Faster washing time: In addition to saving water, our power flushing services allow for a quick wash and easy removal of dirt, giving an added value to the service.

Best for heating system cleaning: Power flushing is very useful for certain tasks. For example, while a manual wash of a pump, radiator or boiler with a hose will not be efficient, cleaning with water under pressure has several powers that can provide greater performance, prevent heating failures such as pin-holing and considerably facilitate the work of the machine.

Environmentally friendly: Washing with water under pressure significantly reduces the use of chemicals and toxic materials.

Result: It is a safe bet when it comes to performing a cleaning service which guarantees excellent results, removing dirt, slime and leaving the surfaces practically as new and allowing us to achieve good results in less time.

Fewer materials used: The percentage of detergent used is very small and even in some cases it can be completely dispensed with. The hot pressurised water is almost enough and very efficient when cleaning surfaces.


Not suitable for certain surfaces: Just like every good technique has its downsides, pressure washing isn’t without a downside. Its most considerable disadvantage is that it’s not for every surface as the pressurised water can peel or wash off paint surfaces or other soft coverings of the equipment being washed. However, what’s advisable is that you make prior researches and be sure your equipment or machine can withstand its washing power. 

Bottom Line

The benefits of power flushing services outweigh the downside. They offer important advantages in daily work: they are easy to manipulate, efficient, modern and powerful, in addition to taking care of any surface – no matter how much dirt it has accumulated – with optimal results in less period of time than it would take you doing a manual wash.

Power flushing cannot be left in the hands of just anyone. Richardson Plumbing and Heating is a reliable and cost-effective heating services provider that offers modern professional power flushing services to clients in Wimbledon and its surroundings, thanks to its Kamco technology.

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The Benefits Of Power Flushing Your System


    • Have you got cold spots on radiators?
      This is caused by a build up of magnetic sludge, power flushing restores flow and cures circulation problems.


    • Do you struggle to balance your heating system?
      If you have a larger heating system, ensuring it is balanced correctly can be impossible if you have sludged up pipework. Power flushing clears and removes magnetic sludge from pipework.


    • Prevent future heating failures
      Looking after your heating system is essential to prevent probelems. Power flushing can prevent pin-holing and premature failure in raditaors.


    • Is your heating system noisy?
      If your boiler or pump is becoming noisy, it is essential to have the problem cured before it causes expensive pump failure or even worse boiler failure. Having your heating system power flushed cures excessive boiler and pump noise.


    • Agressive slime water problems
      Power flushing clears and removes micro-biologial slime leaving clear, clean water in your system.

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